Refund Policy

Fees paid to the school through the school website and off the website, for all Services and Products offered by the School are Non Refundable.

The school, however, will accept applications for refund after careful scrutiny of the application. A written letter stating the Intent for Refund must be submitted to the School Office. Refund for individual cases are subject to inspection with the Management Committee.The School, however cannot guarantee that applications for refund will be fulfilled.

The School reserves the right :

  • to reject any application for refund wherever it deems fit.
  • to decide the amount that will be refunded back to the customer
  • to modify and amend refund policies at any time by uploading the same onto the school's website

In case, an Individual qualifies for a refund following the process for Refund, Refund amount will be credited back to the Customer's Bank Account within 10 working days.