About Us / Our Promise

Our Promise

We dream big and we make sure all our dreams come true. The young adults who pass out of our portals hold high few essential values. These values are dear to them and they stand out as characteristics of Shree Niketanites.


Honesty is the most important of values which is practised both by the teachers and taught on the campus. Voluntary acceptance to default is welcome to dishonest practise in the school. Honesty in the real and basic sense is ensured throughout the students' stay in the school.

Conviction in what one believes, learnt and practices is a value, we in Shree Niketan propagate amongst the student community in our school. The school encourages and supports students to stand for their right conviction under any circumstances.


The boys and girls understand that both play equal and important roles in the society. They experience Gender neutrality while in school and we are sure they will propagate Gender Neutrality in their society.

One who enters our campus will not fail to feel that everybody is treated alike. Anybody who witness the way we greet each other will endorse that equality is another value that is very dear to all of us. Roles one play in the school, background he hails from, qualifications, status and extent of value additions do not tamper with anyone's right to equality in our campus. Students do learn to practice this equality and carry it with them.

Plurality & Tolerance

Close on its heels we prevail on everyone in our Shree Niketan family to understand the need for Plurality in the schools and the society. We practice all religion, we look up to all castes, we welcome every strata of society and we celebrate different abilities of people. We work to enlarge the productivity of our institution through pluralistic approach in everything we do. Students are certain to take the page from this approach of ours in their lives to come.


Gita says, Bible says and Quran says, 'everything in this world is for human consumption but at the same time one should not abuse any part of nature'. Sensitivity is the key to differentiate use from abuse. Environment is the biggest home is what we preach our students. They realise abuse in any form even failing to tend the small plant meant only for demarcation is also abuse. Wastage, to the extent of luxury in the use of classroom stationary is educated as abuse in the campus. We respect and also teach our students to respect our environment. Students will on leaving the school be architects of environment protection and reconstruction.

These values practised in Shree Niketan are imbibed by our students in the campus, is what eventually distinguishes a Shree Niketanite from others.