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    Feb, 2017

  • Dr Ken Johnston & Mr Shaun Moss

    Dr Ken Johnston, former Test Pilot NASA and Mr Shaun Moss, founder, The International mars Research Station ( 4th February, 2017) 
    Dr (Mr) Ken Johnston addressed the gathering and briefed on the mission to moon by NASA with a photo compilation. Mr Shaun Moss took everyone gathered on a Mars tour with his detailed and informative presentation. The function concluded with a photo session with the guests.

    Shaun Moss is a computer scientist with a 15-year passion for Mars. Shaun's research has included how to make air and steel on Mars, Martian timekeeping systems, terraforming and more, and he has given numerous presentations at conferences in Australia and the United States.

  • For the past year he has been developing a robust and affordable humans-to- Mars mission architecture with the intention of establishing the International Mars Research Station. He publishes regular writing on Mars at his blog and is working on a book; he has already published a book on one of his other passions, Practical Metaphysics.
    ( Sourced from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oA2EAOp7QLc )

    Dr. Johnston learned to fly in the US Marine Corps and in the 1960's and was one of the five test pilots assigned to work with the astronauts during the Apollo Moon Program at NASA in Houston. His job was to help train the astronauts to fly the Lunar Module. He was one of the Test Conductors and became the Test Director of the TM-5 Lunar Module Training Vehicle that was used to train all the Lunar Mission Astronauts. In 1969, Mr. Johnston was responsible for controlling all the Data and Photographic information generated from the Lunar Missions. He has three BS degrees in Aviation and Aerospace Engineering, a Masters in Theology and his PhD. in Meta Physics. (Sourced from http://www.thespaceshow.com/guest/dr.-ken-johnston